Rainbow Teaspoons, PENGTU 6 pieces 6.75 inch (about 17.0 cm) stainless steel tea spoon, color titanium plating, ice cream spoon, dessert spoon, coffee spoon, rainbow 6 pieces

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6-piece teaspoon set: These 6-piece stainless steel teaspoon sets are durable and durable. Very suitable for daily use, hotels, restaurants, special events.
Made of high-quality stainless steel, no BPA/lead, rust-proof, strong and durable. The spoon is plated with high-quality rainbow titanium. It is so beautiful and beautiful, it is an ideal gift.
Classic design, smooth and polished edges. The mirror surface looks shiny and beautiful. The rainbow coating on the spoon makes it more luxurious and noble.
These teaspoons are suitable in weight and size, and can be held comfortably. Made of sturdy stainless steel, it can be used for life.
Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

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